ATS Movement Dialect: Waterpot PP/Circle & Double Buddies

I already presented this in my Facebook Group „Modern ATS – share your own inventions“. Now that I’ve got some video I’ll try and explain it better.

First my dance partner Sara asked me: why isn’t there a Waterpot Partner Pass? Well, one try and 15 seconds later, we had one. We tried to vary it but it felt organic and making sense within the ATS-system so we just kept it.

Cue: do everything you’re usually doing when cueing a Partner Pass: Duet position at 9 & 3 o’clock in a circle, a more intensive eye-contact and getting closer. Then just cue the Waterpot!

How to: the original Waterpot has 2 turns, one to the right and one to the left which are repeated. Keep the Arms, keep the idea of turning, keep the directions of the turns. Use the second turn to Pass with a Flourish-type of turn. To end up in your partner’s original position you’ll do a 1 1/2 turns Flourish, to end up standing on your left foot ready to do any other ATS-Step you’ll need 4 steps for the turn plus a weight-shift when landing. Repeat to complete.

See video here

Then I brought the Partner Pass to Dagmar for out next practice, together we developed the Waterpot in a Circle variation. It can be done with as many dancers as you like, with just the two of us it looks quite like the Partner Pass.

Cue: In a circle, traveling along to your left in Arabic, cue Waterpot but keep walking.

How to: just like the Partner Pass! Turn to the right = in place as in the original, turn to the left = double Flourish along the Circle. Again you’ll need 4 steps plus a weight-shift when landing to end up with your weight on your left foot.

See video here Waterpot/Circle starts at 0:44

Also in that video you’ll find our Double Buddies, Dagmar cues it again at 0:15. We came up with this the same evening after discussing Black Sheep Bellydance’s Bud’n’Flower, which cuts the Egyptian Half Turn into halves travelling along the circle. We just took that idea to Fat Chance Bellydances Double Back.

Cue: in a circle cue Double Back, taking two steps to the left during the first two counts.

How to: One Double Buddy has 16 counts, we usually do it twice. 1-4: Double Back facing inwards but turning out on 4. 5-8 facing outward, turning inward on 8. 9-12 Double Back facing inward, 13-16: 2 turns of Flourish along the circle to the left with 4 steps plus weight-shift when landing (again that thing about ending on the left foot).

See video here (again) esp. after 0:15


About those 4+1 steps turning on 4 counts: to look more synchronized we decided to step-turn on ONE, TWO, THREE, AND, FOUR, with count four for landing at your new spot.



  • Jolie Coquine – Caravan Palace, on Electro Swing Fever
  • Busindre Reel – Hevia


Über Sandra

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